A downloadable f0nk for Windows

f1nk is on a life altering adventure
Or just a dumb as hell one, 
Play as f1nk and take the f0nk frone from E N Z O 
This is the 50 like special to the comic 1S TH1S YOU which was a huge joke game
but now for some dumb reason we are making it a full game 

We only own Enzo, f1nk, and f3nk in this entire game the rest are own by Andrew Hussie the creator of Homestuck

other places you can get this game  >>>   https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-g0iCcHtWJPoV7B3f5WQT5wl0Ufce7y0UFEXc8MoONY/edit a list of all places you can get this game


f1nks.zip 306 MB

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